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Happy 100th anniversary of our Republic!



2023 was a year of insights and progress for us. Here's a snippet of what I've been up to:


Published 7 articles:

1.  A review of particle shape effects on material properties for various engineering applications: From macro to nanoscale,

2.  Comparison of Particle Shape, Surface Area, and Color Properties of the Calcite Particles Ground by Stirred and Ball Mill

3. Editorial: Advanced green and sustainable chemical and physical technologies for resources recycling of solid wastes

4. Particle shape characterization of shaking table streams in a Turkish chromite concentration plant by using dynamic imaging and microscopical techniques

5. The Role of Particle Size and Shape on the Recovery of Copper from Different Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste

6. The Effect of Surface Roughness on Particle-Bubble Interaction: A Critical Review

7. Effect of particle shape on bubble-particle attachment behavior: roles of surfaces, edges and vertexes,

Acted  as an Academic Editor for 3 papers published at Plos One
Reviewed 17 manuscripts submitted to SCI-Exp journals
Our articles were cited 160 times in Scopus
Featured in the Top 2% scientists 5 times from 2020 to 2023.


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